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Young's Seafood

Using a digital first approach to drive engagement & awareness

How Personal Group helped Young's unify and enhance their benefits offerings

The Challenge

Young's Seafood comprises of 2,000 staff members at multiple locations. Their dispersed, non-PC facing workforce made it hard for them to effectively communicate with and engage their entire employee base. To add to the challenge, Young's employee benefits provision was fragmented as they had sourced their offering from many different providers. This made accessing the benefits rather confusing for many of the staff members, needing to remember which platform to use to access each benefit.

The Solution

Young's chose Hapi from Personal Group as their platform. Rebranded as ‘Everyone Benefits’ Hapi now functions as the single point of access for the entire employee benefits offering, bringing what was previously disparate, together in one place. Personal Group were able to work with Young’s other benefits providers and create single sign on processes, which has made accessing all aspects of the benefits offering a simple and seamless experience for employees.

A Push for Pensions

Young's wanted to encourage as many employees as possible to enrol on the pension scheme. Their strategy was to help employees better understand their pension needs and retirement journey by encouraging them to use the tools and resources already available from Young's and their pension partner. The goal was to communicate, engage and educate employees about their pension and retirement provisions.

When promoting the pension benefits Young's wanted to do more than just send out a one-off email campaign asking staff to sign up. Instead they decided to run a month long multi-channel campaign including a pension bus road show, email campaigns, promotion via their Hapi platform and app, posters, desk drops, one-to-one sessions, group sessions, access to guides and pension calculators, free coffees and they even gamified pensions with an Age Me interactive app which would show employees what they would look like at retirement age based on their current savings rate.

The activity started on 10th September and ran for 4 weeks.

The Results

The HR team saw a spike in employee usage after implementing the Hapi app, which allowed employees to access their benefits while on the go rather than relying on a desktop platform. This included more employees accessing the suite of digital resources from Scottish Widows to support the pensions campaign.

Using a digital first approach to push information through the Hapi App, Young's were able to communicate timely, easy to digest comms. The weekly communications promoting the shop & save offers within Hapi further helped drive engagement with the platform, thus boosting visits to other areas of the platform and other employee benefits provided by Young's.

An amazing 77% of employees have activated the platform, and there have been over 26,000 logins so far. The platform has seen monthly employee activity increase by 91% during the pensions promotion, from 747 actions in July to 1429 actions in September. The activity on Hapi increased again from September to November by a further 17.5% (1429 actions in September to 1680 actions in November).

Ty Roberts, Rewards and Recruitment Manager at Young's Seafood said “Stats have really helped us see the behaviour change resulting from us simplifying the employee experience and making everything available via Hapi. If we had run all of these promotions and employees still had to access the offering via desktop computer, it wouldn’t have been so effective.”

Young's Seafood was shortlisted for Best Pensions Communications at the 2019 Employee Benefits Awards and recognised as ‘Highly Commended’ for their innovative use of a multi-channel approach to employee pension communications, including our very own Hapi platform. 


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