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Bath Spa University

BSU sought a more comprehensive benefits proposition that would help improve employee communication and bolster its employee value proposition through a user-friendly platform.

The Challenge

With a workforce of over 1,000 individuals comprising not only lecturers but also caterers, groundkeepers, cleaners, and operations staff, to name a few – BSU did an incredible job of curating a comprehensive benefits package that truly honoured the diverse contributions of their employees. However, feedback from the staff was that they weren’t aware of many of the benefits on offer. Their existing rewards and benefits package was only available via an intranet, so a new platform would make it much more visible. It also lacked interactive features, reporting capabilities, communication functionality and corporate branding, and was largely inaccessible to the majority of its deskless staff. They needed a solution to bring it all together in one central hub – thereby making it accessible to everyone, at any time.

The Solution

BSU sought a more comprehensive benefits proposition that would help improve employee communication and bolster its employee value proposition through a user-friendly platform. While they already offered an Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), a Cycle to Work and a Car Scheme, they wanted a more integrated solution providing access to a larger range of benefits on one centralised hub. The Electric Vehicle (EV) Scheme was one benefit that was welcomed.

Personal Group’s Hapi app was the perfect tailored solution, addressing both employee wellbeing and providing a wealth of resources and functionality. The Hapi app consolidated all employee benefits into a user-friendly, mobile-first platform accessible via smartphones or desktops, offering: 

1. Comprehensive Benefits: Employees could access a wide range of benefits, including retailer discounts, gym memberships, and the popular Cycle to Work scheme.
2. Wellbeing Support: The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) provided additional support for employees’ mental and emotional health.
3. Financial Savings: Through retail discounts and vouchers employees can save money on everyday expenses. While at Christmas, employees were able to save on home technology purchases through Personal Group’s ‘Let’s Connect’ service.
4. Positive Impact: The platform positively impacted employee satisfaction, health, and overall engagement.

The Outcome

The results speak volumes:
Employee Satisfaction: Employees expressed appreciation for the retailer discounts, the Cycle to Work and the EV car scheme.
Engagement Levels: Engagement levels soared to 40%, surpassing industry averages.
Effective Communication: HR could directly communicate with employees via their smartphones, ensuring connectivity with the dispersed workforce.

There is no doubt that these initiatives have had a positive impact on the University. The staff rave about the retailer discounts and simplified access to the Cycle to Work
scheme. Meanwhile, the Electric Vehicle (EV) Car scheme is great for cost savings and promotes employee health and environmental sustainability, with an impressive 14
people taking up the EV car scheme since its launch.

With engagement levels currently at around 40% - more than double the industry average -and a recent live webinar to promote the platform attracting over 200 attendees, the impact of the Hapi app is clear. Through the app, BSU’s HR team now maintains direct communications with employees via their smartphones – vital for staying in touch with their dispersed workforce.


Company Profile
  • IndustryEducation
  • No. of Employees1,000
As an institution operating within a constrained reward budget, we’ve found that Personal Group enables us to maximise every penny. In an industry where employee turnover remains an ongoing challenge, it’s imperative to demonstrate to our workforce that our value proposition extends far beyond mere compensation. A compelling benefits package, coupled with our commitment to ensuring accessibility, not only distinguishes us from competitors but also fortifies our position in the market. And there’s more to come—we eagerly anticipate adding to the app’s benefits and functionality in the months to come.

Arlene Stone, HR Director of the University