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Safeguard your workforce at an affordable price for them

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, employers want to safeguard their productivity with a resilient workforce.

This means providing wellbeing services that place emphasis on exercise, sleep, healthy food, and stress reduction, which have a significant impact on preventing underlying conditions.

But wellbeing services should be a complement to, not a replacement for insurance provision. Employees still need access to a safety net.

Personal Group will help you blend wellbeing with insurance provision to get the most value from your benefits budget.

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Helping employees protect the life they love

Post-COVID-19, employees are increasingly aware that insurance they purchased for a rainy day could in fact be needed any day. Personal Group's plans ensure they and their families have some financial support if they need to take time out of work to attend a hospital appointment, receive treatment, recover after a hospital stay, or even if the worst happens and they pass away. 

We provide your employees with access to affordable, individual policies for hospital, recovery and death benefit plans.

It's peace of mind should the unexpected happen - and at no cost to you, the employer.

How we do it

Our Client Experience Team will work with you to arrange 1:1 face-to-face or virtual meetings at a time and place that is convenient for your workforce. This unique approach enables us to achieve engagement rates of over 90%* for our clients whilst ensuring you have a protected workforce.

*Read the case study here

Hospital plan Hospital plan

Hospital plan

Available for your employee, their partner, and their children. The plan pays a cash benefit for outpatient appointments (max. two per policy year), day surgery benefit and for any overnight stays in hospital.

Recovery plan Recovery plan Recovery plan

Recovery plan

Provides employees with a daily payment while they recover following hospital inpatient treatment or day patient surgery.

Death benefit plan Death benefit plan

Death benefit plan

Should an employee pass away, the death benefit plan pays out a lump sum to their estate. The plan will pay in the event of death from any illness or injury.

Employee wellbeing Employee wellbeing Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

Post-COVID-19, employees increasingly expect mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing support to form part of their benefits offering.

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Personal Group’s plans give our people access to a financial safety net. It’s simple for us to run and our employees can protect themselves at a price they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Natalie Dangerfield, Senior HR Manager at HICA

Read the case study

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