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Employee benefits

Employee benefits

Support your employees with their living costs

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The right employee benefits package is essential for keeping your people on board and engaged.

Personal Group offers a market-leading range of employee benefits via our employee benefits app. We specialise in delivering benefits for organisations with over 500 employees. From traditional benefits like insurance and pension schemes, to perks for employees like discounts and wellness apps, we'll build the right solution for your business - and your budget. 

It's easy to customise our employee benefits app Hapi, making it a one-stop shop that connects benefits with wellbeing, communication and engagement.

With Hapi, employees can access their entire benefits offer 24/7 via their smartphone, allowing you to increase employee benefits uptake while also engaging and motivating your workforce.

The Hapi employee benefits platform works hard to engage employees with their benefits: anytime, anywhere. 

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We also offer flexible benefits – less admin for HR teams, and your workforce can pick and choose the best employee benefits for them. Speak to an expert to learn more about Hapiflex and if voluntary benefits are right for you.

Supporting your people to succeed with Transform™

Hapi is a streamlined, easy-to-use employee benefits app designed to help drive uptake and make a real difference to the lives of your people. 

We know that the right benefits package will help your employees thrive in work and in life. With the right financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing support, they can bring their best selves to work every day and achieve their full potential. 

That’s why we’ve launched Transform™- your complete employee wellbeing solution. It incorporates mental health, mindfulness, fitness and nutrition, as well as engagement tools. We provide everything you need to look after your employees’ wellbeing – helping them thrive in work and in life.  

Transform™ is a component on Hapi, our staff benefits platform. You can host it on Hapi seamlessly alongside all your other benefits, via smartphone app, so it’s easy for employees to find everything in one place. 

Our Chief Wellbeing Ambassador: Double Olympic Champion, Dame Kelly Holmes 

Hon Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (mil) is one of the UK’s most popular athletes, respected throughout the world as a role model and an inspiration for mental and physical health.  

We are delighted to announce Dame Kelly’s appointment as Personal Group’s Chief Wellbeing Ambassador. Aligned with this appointment the Company is also significantly extending the wellbeing offering available on our workforce benefits platform, Hapi, with content which Dame Kelly has helped shape.  

“Throughout my career, I have found a common thread across the worlds of international sport, service in the British Army and working with businesses; namely, the need to normalise the conversation around Mental Health awareness. I have seen first-hand the benefits that meaningful physical and mental wellbeing support brings, both for individual workers and for the culture of the businesses as a whole. 

I’m therefore extremely excited to be working with Personal Group, as Chief Wellbeing Ambassador, to help organisations better provide their people with the tools they need to thrive both in and outside the workplace.” 

-  Hon Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (mil), Double Olympic Champion 

Changing expectations 

HR teams know that a competitive salary is no longer enough to recruit and retain the best talent. Today’s employees are also looking for rewards and benefits that are relevant to their lifestyle and deliver real value for money. 

Personal Group are experts in curating a winning employee deal. The right benefits offer will empower your people to: 

  • Save money 
  • Perform better 
  • Boost their wellbeing 
  • Enjoy a better work life balance 
  • Stay at your organisation longer 

An employee benefits app to help your employees succeed

Hapi is a streamlined, easy-to-use employee benefits platform designed to help drive uptake and make a real difference to the lives of your people.  

We know that the right benefits package will help your employees thrive in work and in life. With the right financial, mental, physical and social wellbeing support, they can bring their best selves to work every day and achieve their full potential.  

More than gimmicks 

Personal Group do all the traditional perks you’d expect – including the free coffee! But we also specialise in curating a bespoke benefits offer that suits your employer brand, helping you stand out as an employer of choice in a competitive talent market.  

Our needs evolve over time, and your benefits programme needs to underpin employee experience at every stage of life. We analyse your workforce demographics to make sure everyone is catered for.  

We offer popular benefits like discounts, salary sacrifice, reward and recognition and wellbeing in one centralised online platform. Hapi boosts uptake among employees and helps them see the value of working for your organisation. 

Find out more: Why choose Hapi?

Simple yet effective 

Hapi consolidates all of your offerings onto one staff benefits app. It’s a one-stop shop - helping your people protect themselves with employee insurance, giving them cost-effective cycle to work schemes, or simplifying access to medical care. 

Hapi’s flexibility and ease of use means every employee can take full advantage of their benefits offer and you get the best return on your benefits spend.  

Value for money 

Offering a new employee benefit, especially one that the business has to pay for, can be a risk. Rolling out a perk that doesn’t resonate with employees may result in a loss of time and resources. 

Luckily, we’re here to help you get the most value from your employee benefits budget. Over 200 clients trust us to deliver benefits that employees want and will use – and you can, too. Read our case studies here.

Delivering the right benefits, to the right audience, at the right time 

A common problem with employee benefits programmes is that employees don’t know what is available to them.

We offer a comprehensive employee communications schedule with multi-channel marketing support to keep benefits usage high. Whether they're flexible working, on the road, or on site, we make sure you reach your employees and deliver a benefits offer that’s relevant to them. 

The platform HR teams have been asking for 

HR teams will love the reduced admin time with our easy-to-use platform, plus powerful analytics and reporting via the HR Hub.  

The functionality and customisation of our benefits app sets it apart from other providers. We'll work with you to deliver benefits that employees want and will use - all in one handy employee perks platform. 


Perks for employees and for you

How to choose the best employee benefit platform?

Your platform should host all employee benefits schemes in one place, making it easy for employees to make the most of staff perks. Ask yourself: does this platform fit the needs of our business? Is it flexible and scalable? Can our entire workforce use it to access their benefits?

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What benefits can employers offer?

As well as mandatory benefits like pension contributions, you can make employees' pay go further with voluntary benefits such as retail discounts, health insurance plans, or cycle to work schemes.

There’s no hard and fast answer – it depends on the needs of your organisation and its employees. People may want traditional benefits, such as workplace pensions and company cars, or they may prefer to save money immediately with retail discounts or health cash plans. 

Have you considered flexible benefits?

Employees increasingly value ways to protect their work/life balance, and being able to choose benefits that suit their lifestyle is key. Whether it’s commuting by bike, childcare vouchers, or affordable loans, employees will appreciate the autonomy to help protect the life they love.

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Transform Transform


Introducing your complete employee wellbeing solution. Transform integrates seamlessly with our Hapi app.

Employee engagement Employee engagement Employee engagement

Employee engagement

Hapi is designed to maximise your employee lifetime value, resulting in better cost savings, improved engagement, and productivity.

Employee wellbeing Employee wellbeing

Employee wellbeing

Post-COVID-19, employees increasingly expect mental, physical, financial and social wellbeing support to form part of their benefits offering.

Employee reward and recognition Employee reward and recognition Employee reward and recognition

Employee reward and recognition

Increase employee engagement and loyalty with cash awards, personalised e-cards, peer-to-peer recognition and more.

Flexible benefits Flexible benefits

Flexible benefits

Introducing Hapiflex, our unique platform delivering flexible benefits for your employees.

Employee discounts Employee discounts Employee discounts

Employee discounts

Help employees stretch their pay further with 1000s of discounts on everything from groceries to luxury goods.

Salary sacrifice Salary sacrifice

Salary sacrifice

Give your staff freedom to choose from a range of wage exchange benefits from health plans to tech discounts.

Hapi has helped us to show our employees we have different values to other bus companies in the area. It differentiates us. Our benefits and engagement offering has helped us attract and retain staff.

Luke Marion, Finance and Commercial Director, Oxford Bus Company

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