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The value we add

The value we add

5 reasons why we're special

5 reasons why working with Personal Group benefits your business

With so many employee benefits providers out there, why should you choose us? 

1. The personal touch

Our specialist team of Employee Engagement Executives typically meet 1:1 with around 150,000 employees each year, right across the country, to help them see the value of the benefits on offer. This unique approach drives engagement rates of 90%+, ensuring the maximum ROI on your benefits spend.*

No other employee benefits provider offers this support. Our team can meet with your employees face to face or via video call. Personal Group provides employers with the ability to build stronger relationships with employee groups that are traditionally hard to reach. 

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2. Our Hapi platform and app

Your employee offer needs to stand out in a competitive recruitment market. Personal Group's mobile-first employee engagement platform, Hapi, helps you create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce. 

Our app's functionality and customisation sets it apart from other providers. We'll work with you to deliver benefits that employees want and will use - all in one handy platform. 

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3. Our track record

We've been supporting the working backbone of the UK since 1984 - sectors like transport, logistics, food production, care, and manufacturing. In more recent years we've also added retail, higher education, not-for-profit, professional services and healthcare to our client community.

With such a depth of experience, you can be sure your organisation's needs will be fully supported.  

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4. The Personal Group family

Personal Group provides access to the full-service solution you need to stand out as an employer of choice. Protect, connect, and engage your people with Personal Group’s range of communication tools, employee benefits, and health insurance plans.

Our Group companies of Innecto and QCG offer specialist pay and reward consultancy. Together we'll help you create a winning employee deal that keeps staff performing at their best, day after day.

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5. Supporting you all the way

From collaborative design of Hapi to fit your needs, to ongoing marketing support and account management, we're here for you every step of the way. We pride ourselves on building trusted partnerships with our clients. We take the time to understand your unique challenges and custom-build solutions to resolve them.

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*Read the case study here

Since day one, Personal Group has been an extension of the Randstad team. The product development team has absorbed all the feedback the team has given them, they go above and beyond to give us a tailored platform that fits our needs. What we have achieved alongside Personal Group has been amazing, and the fact that it’s future proofed is even better.

Carolyn Walker, HR Operations Director, Randstad UK

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