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Hospital plan

Hospital plan

Protecting your workforce

Going to hospital can be daunting enough. We aim to make employees’ lives easier with this plan covering visits to any hospital, anywhere in the world.

What is a hospital plan?

The hospital plan is available for your employee, their partner, and their children. The plan pays a cash benefit for outpatient appointments (max. two per policy year), day surgery, and for any overnight stays in hospital. Paying out from the very first night, the plan enables them to focus on what really matters – feeling better. The hospital plan pays a cash benefit for hospital treatment anywhere in the world.*

How does a hospital plan work for employers?

The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted many employees to wonder if their company is doing enough to safeguard their health. However, some companies face a dilemma: they want to keep workers safe and productive, but a limited benefits budget means they are unable to provide employee health cover.

For these employers, the best solution may be to partner with an insurer who can provide easy access to an affordable individual hospital plan for employees.

Are hospital plans free for employers?

Yes, employees pay for the plans individually through payroll deduction. There is no cost to the employer.

What are the benefits of a hospital plan for employees?

In roles which don't offer employee health cover, your workforce will value the chance to safeguard themselves from the impact of ill health on their earnings. It's peace of mind at an affordable price, and we've made it quick and simple to submit a claim.

*The benefits, limitations and exclusions of cover depends on the cover chosen and individual plan terms and conditions.

What’s included?

Covering any accident or illness

Double payment for the first night of a hospital inpatient stay

Hospital outpatient benefit, covering two outpatient visits per plan year

Cover for up to 730 nights in hospital for each new claim

Cover for pre-existing conditions from point of policy take up

Our hospital plan covers employees for hospital stays anywhere in the world

It’s peace of mind just in case I fall ill and have to go in to hospital… the bills don’t stop just because you are ill.

Care worker, Barchester Healthcare

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