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Employee reward and recognition

Employee reward and recognition

Drive desired behaviours and reward great performance

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Hapi’s employee reward scheme helps to improve motivation by offering a range of bespoke employee rewards that staff will love.  With an effective employee recognition platform, morale, motivation and success will be improved. Tailor your employee recognition platform with rewards suited to your workforce.

Reward and recognition is a simple yet valuable way to reward employees who live by your company values, or go the extra mile. Our employee reward scheme can include non-financial rewards like personalised e-cards or employee incentives like cash awards.

We also offer peer-to-peer recognition, which increases morale and job satisfaction whilst also promoting positive feedback within your workplace.

Employee recognition ideas

​​​​​​​Cash awards

Managers can highlight examples of great performance and choose to award cash bonuses via e-vouchers. Winning employees can redeem their cash awards quickly and easily at their choice of high-street retailers or for days out.

Employee loyalty programme

Reward employees with a financial award for 5, 10, 20 or 25 years at the company, increasing retention and employee advocacy.

We can customise non-monetary rewards like e-cards to fit in with your company values, goals, and brand, ensuring a truly personalised experience for your employees.

Peer-to-peer recognition

Hapi makes it easy for colleagues to acknowledge each others' hard work. By singling an employee out for praise, they feel like their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and are likely to keep up the good work.

Staff rewards for helping to recruit quality employees. All managed within Hapi, saving HR teams' time and effort.

Using the Everyone Benefits app to drive our recognition scheme makes it easy for colleagues and managers to celebrate examples of great performance.

Rebecca Heap, Reward Manager, Yusen Logistics

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