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Vision, mission and Values

Vision, mission and Values

At the heart of what we do

Our shared vision, mission and values ensure that everyone is aligned behind who we are and how we want to operate.

Our vision: A winning team creating a brighter future for the UK workforce.

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Our mission

To Protect the Unprotected, Connect the Unconnected and engage and reward employees through the provision of our insurance products and employee benefits services.

Our values

Our values are simple and demonstrate our personality. Being trustworthy and delivering quality solutions are at the heart of what we do. We are:

  • Solid: Trustworthy, respected and dependable. We keep our promises and get it right the first time – time after time.
  • Driven: Motivated, ambitious and determined, delivering what our clients and customers need in an ever-changing landscape.
  • Engaging: Genuine, approachable and passionate, ensuring people feel comfortable and confident when talking to us.
  • Expert: Professional, precise, knowledgeable, learning all the time to make sure we are delivering viable, quality solutions to our clients.
Personal Group is a purpose-led business – we’re a winning team creating a brighter future for the UK workforce.

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