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Looking for an employee wellbeing solution?

Transform™ powered by TruConnect and delivered by Hapi completes a total wellbeing solution - with hundreds of workout classes, motivational messages, mental health support, healthy recipes, tools for a better night’s sleep and stress management techniques. Hear more from our Chief Wellbeing Ambassador Hon. Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (mil)...

Part of our employee wellbeing, benefits and engagement platform 

Transform™ is a component on Hapi, our staff benefits platform. You can host it on the Hapi app seamlessly alongside all your other benefits, so it’s easy for employees to find everything in one place

It incorporates mental health, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition, as well as engagement tools. We provide everything you need to look after employee wellbeing – helping them thrive in work and in life.  

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Why your workforce needs Transform™ 

Successful organisations are proactively considering their employees’ needs and looking at ways to make them feel more engaged, valued and supported.   

Covid-19 has changed the game. Employee wellbeing is no longer a nice to have; it’s essential for recruitment and retention. 

Plus, smart businesses are looking to safeguard their workforce productivity by using wellbeing as part of their resilience strategy. By supporting healthy lifestyle choices, you can build a healthier, happier workforce who perform at their best, day after day. 

  • UK government-led research shows employers who invest in the health and wellbeing of their workforce benefit from reduced sickness absence, increased productivity and improved workplace retention.* 

  • According to an extensive study into happiness and productivity from Oxford University's Saïd Business School, happy workers are 13% more productive.** 

With so much at stake, can you afford not to invest in employee wellbeing? 

Introducing our Chief Wellbeing Ambassador, Dame Kelly Holmes 

Hon Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (mil), Double Olympic Champion, helped develop content on Transform™ designed to support people's physical and mental wellness. Transform™ is a complete wellbeing solution which revolutionises how companies engage with and support their staff with their mental and physical wellbeing

"Throughout my career, I have found a common thread across the worlds of international sport, service in the British Army and working with businesses; namely, the need to normalise the conversation around Mental Health awareness. I have seen first-hand the benefits that meaningful physical and mental wellbeing support brings, both for individual workers and for the culture of the businesses as a whole.

I'm therefore extremely excited to be working with Personal Group, as Chief Wellbeing Ambassador, to help organisations better provide their people with the tools they need to thrive both in and outside the workplace." 

 - Dame Kelly Holmes, Personal Group's Chief Wellbeing Ambassador

Part of your employee wellbeing strategy 

A successful employee wellbeing strategy will help your employees thrive in work and in life 

Transform’s focus on wellbeing helps improve quality of life, as well as boosting employee engagement and productivity. A key part of Transform™ is preventative mental health tools. These help employees be more aware of how they are feeling so that any problems can be spotted quickly. Guided meditations, mindfulness, and advice on common mental health conditions all empower employees to take control of their mental wellbeing.

“Through Transform, you can provide your employees with a tangible plan of action that not only improves their health and wellbeing, but also has positive results for the organisation as a whole.”

 - Julie Stayte, Chief People Officer, Personal Group 

Already a Hapi customer?

Transform™ integrates seamlessly with the existing Hapi app. Employees will be able to decide when and how they use it. As it's part of our smartphone app, it can be accessed anytime and from anywhere making it the ideal solution for employee communications with those work remotely or on the road. 



It's time to Transform


Transform provides access to hundreds of on-demand workouts lead by world class trainers and Olympians including Dame Kelly Holmes. From full body HIIT to cardio box, yoga and Pilates, there's something for everyone. 

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Transform can deliver daily messages designed to motivate, inspire and encourage your employees. You can also harness the power of Transform to deliver your organisation's own motivational messaging, making the messages even more relevant and helping you stay more connected to your staff. 

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Transform provides well-balanced, nutritious and easy-to-follow recipes for your employees to use. Making healthy choices just got easier.

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Transform has a number of different mindfulness exercises available to employees. Taking part in regular mindfulness sessions is shown to greatly improve mental wellbeing and is a wonderful way to relax after a hard day at work.  

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“I am extremely proud to introduce Dame Kelly Holmes as Personal Group’s first Chief Wellbeing Ambassador. With her inspirational international sporting achievements and longstanding mental health awareness advocacy, we look forward to benefitting from her wealth of knowledge in the development and evolution of our own wellbeing offering."

Deborah Frost, Chief Executive, Personal Group

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