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Personal Group's Hapi platform and app keeps employees on board and performing at their best

Motivated and committed employees go the extra mile, and the link between employee engagement and business success is recognised across industries. 

So how to increase employee engagement?

The solution lies in making use of an employee engagement platform to drive your productivity strategy. Our Hapi platform and app connects the dots on your employee offer, makes employees see the value of working for you, and it's accessible to your entire workforce in the palm of their hand. 

Hapi is an employee engagement platform designed to increase employee engagement which in turn maximises your employee lifetime value, improving cost savings, engagement, and productivity.

  • Get a direct line of communication to every employee, whether they're working at home, on the road, or on the shop floor

  • Drive ROI on your employee benefits by hosting them in one easy-to-use platform so employees can make the most of your offer

  • Our Hapi app gives employees instant access to their benefits: 24 hours a day, wherever they are

Employee engagement solutions


Improve employee engagement with our mobile-first approach, which means employees can access their reward package wherever they are and make the most of the benefits on offer.

Internal comms made easy

Communicate with everyone at the touch of a button, even hard-to-reach frontline staff. Deliver surveys and announcements instantly to staff whether they're working on-site, from home, or on the road.

Gain a competitive advantage within your industry

Adapt to a changing workforce and become more attractive as an employer to those looking for new opportunities.

Create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce where individuals have access to rewards they understand and are relevant to them.

Stats have really helped us see the behaviour change resulting from us simplifying the employee experience and making everything available via Hapi. If we had run all of these promotions and employees still had to access the offering via desktop computer, it wouldn’t have been so effective.

Ty Roberts, Rewards and Recruitment Manager, Young's Seafood

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