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Social wellbeing

Social wellbeing

Build a culture that your employees want to be a part of

We spend so much of our time at work that this can have a strong impact on our wellbeing.

Hapi allows employees to feel connected with their peers through reward and recognition programmes, surveys, social events and more, keeping people engaged and on board with your business. 

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What is social wellbeing?

Social wellbeing refers to an employee’s social connections within a business, such as their relationships with peers, managers, and leadership. The term also includes areas with an external focus, regarding company values and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Employees who believe in their company’s values and CSR initiatives will be personally invested in the business’ success, resulting in them working harder. In the same vein, employees who feels like they belong will be more loyal, and stay at the business for longer.

Looking to step up your wellbeing game? 

Transform™ powered by TruConnect and delivered by Hapi completes a total wellbeing solution - with hundreds of workout classes, motivational messages, mental health support, healthy recipes, tools for a better night’s sleep and stress management techniques.

Part of our employee wellbeing, benefits and engagement platform  

Transform™ is a component on Hapi, our staff benefits platform. You can host it on Hapi seamlessly alongside all your other benefits, via smartphone app, so it’s easy for employees to find everything in one place. 

It incorporates mental health, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition, as well as engagement tools. We provide everything you need to look after your employees’ wellbeing – helping them thrive in work and in life.  

Daily Motivation  

Transform™ can deliver daily messages designed to motivate, inspire and encourage your employees. You can also harness the power of Transform™ to deliver your organisation’s own motivational messaging, making the messages even more relevant and helping you stay more connected to your staff.  

Social wellbeing products

Peer-to-peer recognition

Hapi makes it easy for colleagues to acknowledge each others' hard work. By singling an employee out for praise, they feel like their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and are likely to keep up the good work.

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Buying and selling annual leave gives employees greater control over their work/life balance.

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Create quick, simple surveys for small decisions and more in-depth versions for influencing company initiatives.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Use Hapi to highlight opportunities to for volunteering, charitable giving, and other CSR initiatives.

Cash awards

Managers can highlight examples of great performance and choose to award cash bonuses via e-vouchers. Winning employees can redeem their cash awards quickly and easily at their choice of high-street retailers or days out.

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Employee loyalty programme

Reward employees with a financial award for 5, 10, 20 or 25 years at the company, increasing retention and employee advocacy.

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We can customise non-monetary rewards like e-cards to fit in with your company values, goals, and brand, ensuring a truly personalised experience for your employees.

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News & announcements

Keep employees up to date with push notifications so they feel connected to company decisions.

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