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Physical wellbeing

Physical wellbeing

Supporting employees' health at work and home

Our range of physical wellbeing benefits help your employees with physical health, fitness, work related fatigue, nutrition and more.

Inactivity and poor diet are among the top causes of ill health, which can subsequently negatively impact on our working life. Conversely when we’re feeling well, we’re at our best. We’re more productive and take less time off sick, so it’s no surprise that employers increasingly see the importance of physical health at work.

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Looking to step up your wellbeing game? 

Transform™ powered by TruConnect and delivered by Hapi completes a total wellbeing solution - with hundreds of workout classes, motivational messages, mental health support, healthy recipes, tools for a better night’s sleep and stress management techniques.  

Part of our employee wellbeing, benefits and engagement platform  

Transform™ is a component on Hapi, our staff benefits platform. You can host it on Hapi seamlessly alongside all your other benefits, via smartphone app, so it’s easy for employees to find everything in one place. 

It incorporates mental health, mindfulness, fitness, and nutrition, as well as engagement tools. We provide everything you need to look after your employees’ wellbeing – helping them thrive in work and in life.  

Fitness on-demand  

Transform™ provides access to hundreds of on-demand workouts lead by world class trainers and Olympians including Hon Colonel Dame Kelly Holmes MBE (mil). From full body HIIT to cardio box, yoga and Pilates, there's something for everyone.   

Employees can quickly create a library of their favourite workouts by tapping the heart icon, so it’s easy to jump back in.  

Healthy eating  

Transform™ provides well-balanced, nutritious and easy-to-follow recipes for your employees. They can enjoy delicious ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner, complete with nutritional breakdowns and calorie counts.  

A tailored plan 

Employees can get the most out of Transform™ by personalising their experience. Entering a few vital stats and selecting their fitness goals will help them find the most relevant workouts, recipes and meditations from a vast range.  

How to improve physical wellbeing among employees?

The question of how employers should help people to manage their weight and fitness without invading privacy is a tricky one. You have the best chance of improving physical wellbeing among your workforce by designing your strategy around employees’ lifestyles and encouraging positive change without seeking to judge people for their choices.

How to manage staff fatigue in the workplace?

The mental and physical exhaustion we experience when the demands of work consistently exceed the amount of energy we have available has been called the epidemic of the modern workplace. Fatigue at work can be reduced by encouraging staff to take time off, as well as providing adequate wellbeing support and flexible working to allow for a better work/life balance.

Physical wellbeing products

Fitness technology

Discounted access to wearable tech that help people stay motivated and improve their health by tracking activity, exercise, food, weight and sleep.

Employee-paid health insurance

Affordable hospital plans and convalescence plans so employees are covered if they need to take time off for hospital treatment

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Cycle to Work incentives

Including discounted bikes and cycling equipment. Regular cycling is proven to improve physical and mental health.

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OnDemand GP

Staff can speak to an NHS GP via telephone or video consultation, 24 hours a day, to diagnose and prescribe if needed. Helps employees and their household manage health conditions, preventing extended sickness leave.

Gym membership

With discounts at over 3,500 gyms throughout the UK, making it more affordable to stay in shape.

Spot potential concerns early with employee health check ups.

Cancer Screening and Diagnostics

Affordable and fast access to tests to detect cancer early and provide better treatment options.

Weight management

Customised online healthy living programme - access to recipes, audio workouts, weight and sleep tracking.


Employer funded eye scheme for DSE users and option for discounted tests and glasses for additional employees and their family.

Healthcare cash plans

Reclaim the cost of routine healthcare, including dental, optical, physiotherapy and health screenings.

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