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Cycle towork

Cycle towork

Support financial and physical wellbeing, with a scheme geared around you and your employees.

With a bike to work scheme, employers can provide new bikes to staff via affordable monthly payments.

Not only will you recover the full cost of the bike, but you'll also generate an NIC saving of up to 15.05% per employee per year. We'll help you choose the right salary sacrifice scheme provider for your business. 

This government initiative makes it easy for your employees to get a bike 30% - 42% cheaper while spreading the cost, making it even more affordable. To find out more about the scheme download the brochure here

Benefits of Cycle to Work Schemes for employers  

  • 13.8% NIC Business savings 

  • Encouraging staff to commute via bike also helps cut your carbon emissions and deliver against your ESG goals. 

  • Improve your staff’s health and wellbeing 

  • Cost neutral 

Benefits of Cycle to Work Schemes for employees 

  • Up to 42% NI savings depending on tax rate 

  • Spread the cost through salary sacrifice  

  • Get active and stay fit 

Offering a cycle to work scheme is completely free for employers and can be set up online in a few quick and easy steps.

What are the benefits of a Cycle to Work scheme?

Employees can use a cycle to work calculator to see how much they'll save through a combination of a new bike via your cycle to work scheme, and working out how much they currently spend on bus fare, petrol, parking, car maintenance etc.

How does a Cycle to Work scheme work for employers?

Bike to work schemes are free of charge to set up and cost nothing to run. The employer makes the initial purchase and then leases the bike/equipment to the employee via salary sacrifice, until the full amount is recovered.

How popular is Cycle to Work?

Cycling is increasing in popularity as people seek to reduce their impact on the environment and improve their fitness at the same time. Cycle to Work makes it easy and affordable to make cycling part of daily life.

Offering a cycle to work scheme as part of your employee benefits can help more people make a permanent change - because they can afford a better bike that’s more suited to commuting.

Charles Ashwell, New Business Development Director, Personal Group

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