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Flexible benefits

App-based, efficient, affordable

Think flexible benefits are too complicated? Let us simplify them for you. Introducing Hapiflex, our unique platform delivering flexible benefits for your employees.

Available on desktop and as a smartphone app, Hapiflex brings together all your flex benefits into one place and makes it easy for employees to customise their preferred benefits.

Hapiflex makes flexible employee benefits accessible to all. And it's more affordable than you might think.

What sets Hapiflex apart?

  • Reduced admin for HR teams, saving you time and money
  • Real-time notification of requests to HR and payroll integration
  • Employees can select, amend, and cancel benefits with just a few taps on the app
  • Secure, in-app end-to-end process
  • Scheduled weekly employee communications included to keep usage high
  • All seamlessly delivered in a native app

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Flexible benefits explained

How does a flexible benefits scheme work?

A flexible benefits platform allows you to deliver a tailored benefit solution to your employees. Employees are able to select the most relevant flexible benefits package for their needs from a much wider offering.

Employees are increasingly looking for ways to protect their work/life balance, and being able to choose benefits that suit their lifestyle is key. Whether it’s commuting by bike, flexible childcare, or affordable loans, employees will appreciate the autonomy to help protect the life they love.

Why are flexible benefits important? 

Letting employees choose their own benefits is a great way to engage your people. They get better value from choosing benefits which suit their lifestyles, and it’s simple to adjust their perks if circumstances change. All this reflects well on you, and keeps people performing at their best.

What are some examples of flexible benefits?

Examples of flexible benefits can include salary sacrifice schemes such as: cycle to work, holiday exchange, tech benefits and cash plans as well as traditional employee benefits like pensions, healthcare services, and even retail discounts.

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