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Tech benefits scheme

Tech benefits scheme

Boost engagement with this popular benefit

Our tech benefits salary sacrifice scheme enables you to offer employees the latest desirable tech products and spread the cost through their salary.

What are the benefits of technology salary sacrifice programmes?

It's perfect for employers looking to boost their workforce engagement, digital skills, and financial wellbeing in a cost-effective and easy to implement way.

  • By creating a buzz around the technology salary scheme, clients benefit from improvements in employee engagement and overall employee experience
  • A technology benefit has universal appeal, transcending the entire workforce age demographic
  • Clients achieve high take-up rates with staff getting excited about the tech scheme, while appreciating the benefits of getting brand new technology in a convenient arrangement through their salary
  • Part of a salary sacrifice scheme that lets your employees choose from wage exchange benefits


How do technology salary sacrifice programmes work?

Employees agree to sacrifice or ‘exchange’ some of their pre-tax salary in return for the technology products of their choice, as well as making additional savings in National Insurance.

Our tech benefits programme is cost neutral to set up for the employer. With no set-up fee and no ongoing management charges, the scheme is cost-effective to run for all organisations.

Can my employees salary sacrifice their laptops and mobiles?

Yes, our home technology scheme means employees can save on laptops, tablets, smartphones, TVs, games consoles, fitness trackers and more.

How does tech benefit support financial wellbeing?

Spreading the cost over 24 or 36 months means it’s a more reasonable way to make a large purchase for the employee. And the fact that there’s no upfront costs, credit checks or deposits makes it accessible to people who might otherwise miss out.

By helping employees to take home exciting technology with no financial hassle and no waiting, you’re providing enjoyment – but in a financially responsible way.

Richard Thompson, Managing Director, Let's Connect

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