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Merry Christmas from Personal Group - and thank you

Posted on: Wednesday December 23, 2020

by Deborah Frost

A message from Deborah Frost, Chief Executive

Personal Group’s 36th year of trading was a year like no other. Although it’s been tough for everyone, I’m proud of our resourceful and compassionate response to the COVID-19 crisis.

We pride ourselves on being the umbrella our policyholders need on a rainy day. This year was no different; to date we’ve paid out £345,394 in COVID-19 claims.

I’d like to say a huge thank you to my Personal Group colleagues. Everyone has worked incredibly hard to adapt to new ways of doing business – especially challenging for a company that values sitting down with customers face-to-face. Staff have stayed positive despite months of uncertainty, with many working from their kitchen tables, bedrooms or even ironing boards.

A special thanks should go to the Claims team, who’ve been at the sharp end of our response to the pandemic, supporting policyholders facing illness or bereavement. We’ve received letters from policyholders and their families thanking us for much-needed support in difficult circumstances, which is heartening to hear.

So many of our policyholders work in essential industries – NHS trusts, social care, public transport, logistics, and food production. We’re very grateful for the work that they do, and proud that Personal Group continues to protect key workers.

Our clients too have been fantastic. We’ve worked together to deal with challenges thrown up by the pandemic and our support has helped ensure their workforce remains engaged, connected and productive throughout.

In such a tumultuous year, I’m delighted that our mission to ‘protect the unprotected, connect the unconnected’ is cutting through. We welcomed new client Royal Mail Group to the Group, providing them with industry-leading employee engagement services and insurance products.

Thank you again to everyone across the Personal Group family: our colleagues, clients, and customers. We look forward to working with you next year, with a continued focus on workforce wellbeing.

I wish you a peaceful and relaxing Christmas, and all the best for 2021.

With very best wishes,

Deborah Frost

Chief Executive, Personal Group


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