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How Personal Group is helping the homeless of Milton Keynes 

Posted on: Monday October 24, 2022

Personal Group is proud to support MK Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes through our charitable trust. As a result of our £16,000 grant, the Night Shelter has managed to raise further match funding, which is now worth £64,000 to the charity. 

Our £16,000 donation alone has had a substantial impact on the local community in the form of: 

  • 70 people housed and in work 
  • 450 guests receiving help in life skills training (IT skills, interview prep., managing a budget, cooking and much more) 
  • 1,100 meals served to their guests 
  • 350 daily users of the centre receiving welfare support. 

Below are just a couple of stories from the people the donation has helped.*  

Mandy’s Story 

We were able to help a young girl who had been living on a boat. When her relationship with her partner broke down (due to violence) she found herself with nowhere to go as she has no supportive family in her life.  

At the point she contacted us she was feeling desperate, but Kathy our Welfare Manager was a much-needed human being to show her that there is hope, and when you reach rock bottom there are still options. In addition to reassurance and support, Kathy found a place for her in supported shared accommodation at a partner charity.  

Last week Kathy and one of our wonderful volunteers met the young lady at the boat to help her move her meagre possessions, drove her to her new place and helped her to settle in. She was overwhelmed and tearful as she moved in, but so grateful to be somewhere safe and, importantly, accepted and supported. It's early days, but Kathy is still in touch with every day to see how she’s doing, and now that she is being supported, she is taking baby steps into a more positive future without falling into the crisis of rough sleeping.  

MG’s Story 

Street homeless for 3 years – due to the suicide of his 16-year-old son, who told his dad he loved him and then they found he had hung himself – he was a twin. MG has fallen apart and struggles with day to day living – he took to the streets as he felt he was to blame. We are supporting him and looking at eventually taking him to see Emmaus. At the moment he just comes in and talks to our welfare team and volunteers, but the aim is to get him to see carmen our mental health counsellor and then move to Emmaus and onto employment with Cranswick – so he is a work in progress. 

As we head into the cold winter nights the work of the Shelter is invaluable for the homeless of Milton Keynes.

If you’d like to learn more about Personal Group’s charitable trust, please contact us on

To volunteer, donate or fundraise for MK Winter Night Shelter Milton Keynes, please visit their website to find out how.  

*All names have been changed for privacy and confidentiality reasons.   


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