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Over 200 UK-based clients trust us to deliver benefits that employees want and use – and you can too. Empower your people to:

✓ Save money
✓ Enjoy a better work-life balance
✓ Stay at your organisation longer


The right employee benefits package is essential for keeping your people on board and engaged, giving employees the option to choose their own benefits is a great way to do this.

Hapiflex has a wide and varied selection of employee benefits. When you offer multiple options, you are rewarded with an engaged, motivated and productive workforce who feel valued, listened to and understood.  

A flexible benefits scheme will enhance your employee deal, helping to attract and retain the best talent and become an employer of choice. Listening and responding to your employees’ needs not only helps engage and motivate your workforce, but also shows how much you care about them. 



Tailor your employee engagement platform with wellbeing tools suited to your workforce. We provide everything you need to look after your employees’ wellbeing – helping them thrive in work and in life.

A central hub

Hapiflex consolidates employee benefits, streamlining access for staff and providing HR with a comprehensive view. This saves time, reduces costs, and offers insight into popular benefits. Simplified administration significantly reduces HR workload, saving money and boosting morale.

Our flexible benefits platform is accessible for all your employees, catering to diverse demographics and promoting inclusivity. With over 200 satisfied clients, we deliver customizable benefits to meet individual needs and preferences, fostering a more engaged workforce.

Easy to access

Hapiflex simplifies benefits enrollment by providing clear, streamlined messaging. We ensure employees understand offered benefits and associated costs, helping them make informed decisions effortlessly.

Simple yet effective

We offer a comprehensive employee communications schedule with multi-channel marketing support to keep usage high. Whether they're flexible working, on the road, or on-site, we make sure you can reach your employees and deliver wellbeing that works

Hapi has helped us to show our employees we have different values to other bus companies in the area. It differentiates us. Our benefits and engagement offering has helped us attract and retain staff.

Luke Marion, Finance and Commercial Director, Oxford Bus Company

Speak to our experts about how Hapi can help drive employee value for your business.