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Car salarysacrifice

Car salarysacrifice

The easiest way to run a brand new car

With a car benefit scheme, employees can exchange a portion of salary in return for a brand new, fully maintained, and insured car. 

A car salary sacrifice scheme is a simple way for employees to enjoy a nice new set of wheels without any deposit or ongoing running costs including road tax, insurance, MOTs, breakdown assistance and repair bills. 

Running a car benefit allows you to take advantage of National Insurance savings as well as helping your employees achieve income tax and National Insurance savings, depending on the car they choose.

Stress-free solutions

We partner with leading car benefit solutions providers. Based on a popular ultra low emission car, employers could be saving an average of £350 a year for every car ordered through the scheme and in some cases pension savings can also be made.* 

*Source: Tusker

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What kind of car can employees get on salary sacrifice?

Our car benefit solutions partners offer over 4000 car models, so your staff are sure to find the right vehicle for their needs. Electric car salary sacrifice and company van salary sacrifice are also available.

How does car salary sacrifice work?

Car benefit is simple to run and understand - your employees can choose to use some of their salary before it’s taxed in exchange for the use of a brand new car.

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