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Convalescence plan

Convalescence plan

Supporting employees' recovery

The convalescence plan provides financial support during recovery from hospital treatment.

How does the convalescence plan work?

The Personal Group convalescence plan provides employees with a daily payment while they recover following hospital inpatient treatment or day patient surgery. To become eligible for this payment, employees must have held a Personal Group hospital plan for at least three months and be between the ages of 18 and 69 to be eligible for the convalescence plan.

What are the benefits of a convalescence plan for employees?

In roles which don't offer employee health cover, your workforce will value the chance to safeguard themselves from the impact of ill health on their earnings. It's peace of mind at an affordable price, and we've made it quick and simple to submit a claim.

*The benefits, limitations and exclusions of cover depends on the cover chosen and individual plan terms and conditions.

What's included?

Cover from day 1 following a hospital inpatient treatment/day patient surgery

Where a claim has been paid under the Personal Group hospital plan.

Covering any accidents or illness

An additional seven convalescence days benefit

Added to the claim entitlement, for every six months claim free period.

Cover up to the employee's 70th birthday

Ten months from the policy start date.

Personal Group’s plans give our people access to a financial safety net. It’s simple for us to run and our employees can protect themselves at a price they couldn’t get anywhere else.

Natalie Dangerfield, Senior HR Manager at HICA

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