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How to help your workers deliver through the stress and pressures of day-day business


Posted on: Monday April 08, 2024

by Charles Ashwell, New Business Development Director

Hopefully, Stress Awareness Month has brought into sharp focus the need for a strong and fit-for-purpose Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) as part of any Employee Value Proposition (EVP). It has certainly never been more important to consider the mental and emotional needs of workers.  

An all-encompassing EAP should offer a range of confidential advice and support services to employees facing any number of personal or work-related problems that might be affecting their mental or emotional wellbeing. Typically, those issues might be related to debt or the stress and sense of hopelessness caused by financial hardship that may seem insurmountable. Those feelings may also be the result of a downward spiral of psychological disorders involving grief, alcohol, drugs or gambling issues, experienced either by a worker themselves or a member of their family.  

Far-sighted companies are now setting themselves up to provide EAP services which are much needed to support, protect and connect their employees with the advice and services they need, especially during a cost-of-living crisis. With company and family budgets stretched to the limit, the hardest-hit workers are looking for support and reassurance and the hapi app allows businesses to offer both through a range of health and wellbeing benefits connecting employees' mental, physical and financial wellbeing.  


Employee Offers and Discounts - hapi allows companies to open up a range of savings, making employees' pay to go further at work with canteen discounts and in everyday life with savings on grocery shopping, luxury brands and things like eye tests.  

Physical and Mental Wellbeing – Mental health issues are on the rise and 58% of workers over the last two years have experienced mental or physical stress due to their work, according to Oak Engage's Mental Health in the Workplace report. Companies can support their employees’ physical and mental wellbeing with Cycle-to-work schemes, Online GPs and gym membership, plus mindfulness courses and advice on healthy lifestyle choices.  

Financial and Social Wellbeing – Raising awareness of financial wellbeing support and protection can often be free for companies but is a priceless added benefit for lower-paid staff potentially suffering from financial hardship and debt. Through hapi, companies can give access to financial support services that workers can trust: from useful signposting and financial education tools to interest-free loans, debt advice, counselling services and access to financial advisers and dedicated support lines.  


Core Benefits – hapi enables employees to learn about and access all their essential benefits in one easy place, from Pension and Death in Service to Private Medical and Travel insurance.  

Online Insurance – Available within the app, Personal Group’s easy and affordable insurance products offer workers peace of mind in the case of illness, injury or death.  


Flexi Benefits – The digital nature of hapi gives workers 24/7 connectivity to everything on offer to them, from share purchase plans, season ticket loans, payroll deduction for savings, salary sacrifice schemes and childcare vouchers. Plus information and options around hours and holiday entitlement.  

Recognition – Community-focused thinking brings people together and recognition plays a major part in that. Whether it's a simple thank you, regular peer-to-peer nominations or management-led community schemes, hapi enables a company to take control and engage seamlessly with workers.  

Communication – hapi enables direct, two-way communications between company and employee through emails, push notifications, surveys and more.  

Employees will never quite grasp the value of their total reward package, or what is in their Employee Assistance Programme, unless their employer spells it out for them. The hapi app plays a key role in making that happen, enhance your EAP services now for a healthier and happier workforce.  


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