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Hapi's personal approach to Digital HR solutions


Posted on: Tuesday December 19, 2023

by Andrew Walker, New Business Development Director

Why do people shop on Amazon and not in their favourite independent high-street stores? Not because it gives them a warm and fuzzy feeling, but because the platform gives them what they ask for, tells them what else they might want, and then delivers.

Digital HR

To drive increased engagement of employee benefits and benefits platforms we need to think more like Amazon, Netflix or Tesco Online. Easy to access, easy to understand, easy to find what you want and easy to transact. In the case of the retail sites, they also enable convergence: there’s not a lot you can’t buy on Amazon. The same can be said for Tesco where you can shop, bank, have your eyes tested and get a mobile phone contract.

The best digital HR tools should also enable convergence. Hapi, for example, hosts benefits and discount vouchers but alongside them has payslips and holiday allowances, which cuts out the need to visit separate portals for those, or email HR. It houses all your health benefit paperwork but also access to online GPs and counselling, which mean less reliance on the doctor. In short, Hapi enables workers to access reams of paper, rooms of filing cabinets and streets of professional advice in a simple digital interface.

In the perfect world, we would provide all these digital tools while also adding a little bit of the personal touch, some of the human contact that a digital giant can’t deliver but your local store can. And in 2023 we have also managed to do that.

The Personal Touch

This year our face-to-face engagement team has been busier than ever, holding over 115,000 sit-down sessions with employees. With AI becoming an increasingly hot topic it may seem counter-intuitive to say that face-to-face human contact is ‘coming back’, but post-pandemic we’re seeing a bit of a comeback for ‘sitting down with people’ and all the benefits that can bring in deployment, roll-out, education and engagement, especially after such a long period of relative isolation.

In visiting them in their place of work our engagement team can fit around shifts and give people the time to ask questions that help them engage with the platform. In fact, when we do these personalised, assisted registrations we can achieve a 90-100% activation level, which is very good news. Why? Because it helps our clients connect with their workers, protect their workers and help them derive maximum value out of the platform and their investment in it.

We sit down and on-board individuals, departments and whole businesses onto the Hapi platform. We educate people about how they can save money; tap into benefits they didn’t know they had or use things better. At the same time, we’re entirely transparent about these opportunities also giving us the time to talk about other related HR products in pay review, benchmarking, equal pay audits or insurance. In the end, good use of technology helps all these things converge, and there is a real value-add to that.

In the end, HR is about people and whether a benefit platform offers 100 things or 10 things, they are no use to people if they don't know about them, don't know where they are and don't how to access them.

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