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Top 5 must-read blogs of 2020

Posted on: Wednesday December 16, 2020

The results are in… we can now reveal our most popular blogs of the year. Check out our top five articles below and subscribe for more great insights in 2021.

1. Webinar summary: Time for employers to step up on financial wellbeing

We hosted a webinar on financial wellness where Deborah Frost, Chief Executive at Personal Group, was joined by Deborah Ware, Chief Operating Officer at Financial Wellness Group, one of the UK’s leading providers of free debt advice. This summarises discussion points such as the impact of the pandemic on household finances, the challenges facing UK workers, the knock-on impact on productivity, and how employers can help staff improve their financial resilience.

2. The hidden cost of presenteeism

This article explains what presenteeism is, the different ways it can affect your workforce, and the impact on the organisation’s overall productivity. Many employers are waking up to the fact that their employees’ health and wellbeing is an asset meriting investment. But talking the talk on wellbeing isn’t enough; the proof of the pudding is whether employees feel able to prioritise their health over work when they are unwell, by taking adequate time off to recover.

3. Benefits audit: Are your benefits supporting workplace wellbeing and productivity?

The conversation on employee wellbeing has shifted from a ‘nice-to-have’ model to become an essential part of any employee offer. But measuring the impact benefits have on wellbeing can be a tricky business. This blog offers ideas on how to optimise your benefits provision through assessing take-up rates, employee demographics, communication, and the impact on overall engagement.

4. Are contingent workers the ‘poor relation’ at your organisation?

With many organisations now utilising contingent workers alongside traditional employees, this is a timely discussion of what constitutes fair treatment when it comes to rewarding your staff. It explains why giving contingent workers access to a more comprehensive reward offer will mark you out as an employer of choice whilst securing the long-term resilience of your workforce.

5. The Importance of Physical Wellbeing

The article explains why COVID-19 has made it even more important for employers to promote physical wellbeing among staff and gives examples of how organisations can support this drive for a healthier lifestyle.

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