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Unleashing Workplace Wow: Mastering Total Reward Statements


Posted on: Tuesday December 19, 2023

by Charles Ashwell, New Business Development Director

In today's highly competitive business world, companies are always seeking skilled employees. However, hiring managers often face challenges in filling skill gaps and overcoming shortages of qualified professionals. To attract and retain top-performing employees, employers must emphasise their value proposition, including flexible work arrangements, an engaging company culture, and competitive compensation and financial benefits.

Illustrating the role each employee plays in shaping the future of your company is pivotal. Clearly communicating this narrative to potential talent can be a game-changer for businesses seeking to onboard the best staff for the current year and beyond.

Enter, please, the Total Reward Statement (TRS) – a strategic tool that stands out as one of the most valuable assets for businesses. Let’s delve into the essence of TRS and explore the best practices for its seamless implementation within your organisation.

Understanding Total Reward Statements: A Blueprint for Success

As HR Directors, you are probably familiar with the term Total Reward Statement (TRS) and hear about it being discussed in various HR forums and newsletters. TRS, an acronym that might have piqued your interest, stands for a customised document that offers a holistic representation of the value inherent in every single employee, quantifying the worth of the employee-employer partnership.

Ditch the HR hierarchy! You don't need a dedicated team for Total Reward Statements (TRS). Just nail employee retention with smart planning and collaboration. Make your TRS a powerhouse—covering pensions, shares, pay, flexibility, and learning. It's not just a statement; it's your strategy in action. A killer TRS is the key to selling your complete employee package, with perks like personalised wellness and learning programs. Use it in negotiations, boost internal understanding, and watch engagement and retention soar. Your TRS isn't just paperwork—it's your secret weapon.

Why Total Reward Statements are Crucial - A Closer Look

Employee engagement often falters due to a lack of understanding about their benefits. Despite HR endeavors, studies indicate that 42% of employees are unaware of or don't understand their staff benefits, with over 1 in 4 struggling to understand the details in their payslips.

The battle for talent intensifies, particularly in critical skill areas, as employers strive to position themselves as the employer of choice. Failing to focus on this value proposition makes businesses vulnerable in the era of online sharing and openness, exemplified by review sites such as Glassdoor.

In response, many businesses have embraced Total Rewards Statements in recent years (watch this video from the NHS for an example). This seemingly humble document has evolved into an integral aspect of employer branding, contributing to the race to secure and engage new talent effectively.

Crafting Your Comprehensive Total Reward Statement: A Strategic Catalogue

Turn your Total Reward Statement into a value-packed catalogue! It's not just a piece of paper; it's a spotlight on what your business offers. Cover the 4 essentials:

Financial rewards – The parts that directly translate into monetary value, such as salaries.

Monetary benefits - Quantifiable components paid on behalf of employees to external providers, such as medical insurance.

Non-financial rewards/investments - Quantifiable benefits not in cash, such as learning budgets.

Intangible rewards - Value propositions challenging to quantify, like flexibility or access to specific equipment.

Including all these categories in your Total Reward offerings is crucial, ensuring a comprehensive assessment of all elements reflected in the Total Reward Statement. Scope out the entire employee value proposition, roping in services from partners, whether it's facilities or corporate social responsibility. It's the total package!

Maximising Total Reward Statements in the Workplace: A Strategic Imperative

Your Total Reward Statements should seamlessly integrate into your effective employee communication strategy. This tool is often utilised by businesses for two reasons:

Up your talent game! Opt for crystal-clear total rewards communication for lasting perks. Showcase your full rewards strategy and flexible benefits visually during recruitment, onboarding, or reviews to beef up your employer brand.

Cut the costs! Use total rewards communication in performance and salary reviews to boost an employee's current package. As salary inflation hits, smart employers need cost-effective ways to lay out total rewards, benefits, and compensation.

Optimising Your Total Reward: A Call to Action for HR Directors

As businesses continue to vie for top talent, now is the time to scrutinise your Employee Value Proposition. Alternatively, it might be the opportune moment to maximise what you already have with clearer, more accessible documentation and transparency, ensuring your employees are well-informed. Our comprehensive employee benefits software, Hapi Benefits platform, guarantees that each of your employees knows their true value from day one. With Personal Group, you can fine-tune your TRS, providing your staff with easier access and clearer information.

Curious to explore how we can transform your employee retention system? Get in touch with us today. Contact:


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