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14 Facts about Workplace Stress


Posted on: Wednesday January 02, 2019

We all experience stress every now and then, but did you know that continuous stress can begin to affect mental wellbeing? And that 77% of people actually experience physical symptoms due to stress?

With the Christmas financial hangover in full force, and Blue Monday on the way, here are some more reasons why you should be more aware of the effects of stress on your workforce.

Stress can have many causes, from workplace issues to relationships and financial worries. Therefore, to effectively combat stress it is important to ensure employees have access to all the help they need.

This can be achieved by implementing a truly all-inclusive health and wellbeing programme that acknowledges and supports employees with their mental, physical and financial issues.

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Student loan repayments – what’s the impact on your workforce and what can employers do to support those impacted by the cost of attending university?

We spoke with two of our HR experts at opposite ends of the generational spectrum: Innecto Reward Consultant Spencer Hughes, 27, who graduated from Swansea University in 2018 with a degree in Geography and Geoinformatics, and PG Business Development Director Andrew Walker, 59, who studied Modern Languages and linguistics at Aston University before student loans were introduced.

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Gearing up to combat the working-age health crisis

A recent BBC article entitled Why are we so ill? The working age health crisis, warns about the number of people being driven out of jobs because of ill health and refers to ‘one-fifth’ of the UK’s working age population living with a 'work-limiting condition'. This is a growing and serious issue that companies need to address to better understand and manage. 

Posted on: 3 May 2024 by Sarah Lardner, Director of Business Innovation

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