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How to help employees protect their financial future

Communication | Benefits

Posted on: Wednesday May 18, 2022

by Liam McGrath

Employers have a responsibility to help their workforce safeguard their financial future. Today we’re focusing on the key area of insurance and protection plans.

1. Employee-paid insurance 

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, employers want to safeguard their productivity with a resilient workforce.

This means providing employee wellbeing services that place emphasis on exercise, sleep, healthy food, and stress reduction, which have a significant impact on preventing underlying conditions.

But wellbeing services should be a complement to, not a replacement for insurance provision. Employees still need access to a safety net. Personal Group will help you blend wellbeing with insurance provision to get the most value from your benefits budget.

We provide your employees with access to affordable, individual policies for hospital plans, convalescence plans and death benefit.

The advantages

  • Access to our plans comes at no cost to you, the employer. Our plans are funded by the employee – all the employer needs to do is give their employees access and set up some simple admin.
  • Your employees have peace of mind that they have financial support should the unexpected happen. 
  • They can choose the right level of cover for their personal circumstances, including adding cover for family members.
  • Our plans are straightforward and affordable, so all your employees can benefit, no matter where they are on the income spectrum.
  • Accessible financial wellbeing products can help reduce money worries amongst staff; and by extension, time off work for money-related stress. 
  • If employees can’t afford time off for hospital treatment or recovery, they may feel pressured to return to work before they’re ready to. Our Hospital and Convalescence plans help to ease that worry, allowing them to focus on making a full recovery.

To find out more, you can download our Financial Wellbeing Report for employers. 

You can also call Personal Group on 01908 605000 or email for more information.


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