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The value of employee health insurance during Covid

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Posted on: Wednesday January 12, 2022

by Liam McGrath


By now we've all heard the good news that England will be returning to Plan A thanks to the success of the vaccine booster programme. Although thankfully the impact of the Omicron variant seems less severe than feared, infection numbers are still running high with thousands of people off work isolating or unwell. 

Meanwhile, Covid-19 has placed so much strain on the NHS – both in terms of numbers of patients being admitted and staffing shortages - that waiting lists have hit a record high of 6 million people.*  

As an indication of how severe the situation is, the NHS has struck a deal with private healthcare providers under which their hospitals will be ready to start treating NHS patients who cannot get the Covid or non-Covid care they need because their local NHS hospital is under too much pressure.** 

Supporting staff during Covid

It’s no surprise that in this climate, employers want to safeguard their productivity with a resilient workforce.

As a first port of call, this means providing employee wellbeing services that place emphasis on exercise, sleep, healthy food, and stress reduction, which have a significant impact on preventing underlying conditions.

Now more than ever, employers are looking to improve levels of employee wellbeing, to boost morale, effectiveness, and efficiency across their operations.  

Personal Group is here to support your workforce with mental, social, financial, and physical wellbeing. We help your people thrive in work and in life. 

You’ll see the results in fewer days lost to sickness absence, and an increased ability to recruit and retain staff. With the right support, your people feel empowered to perform at their best, day after day.  

But wellbeing services should be a complement to, not a replacement for insurance provision. Employees still need access to a safety net should they suffer illness or injury, especially in roles which don’t offer Covid sick pay.

The question is: how can employers blend wellbeing services with insurance provision to most effectively support their workforce?

Employee health plans

We’re seeing a growing consensus what wellbeing services should form part of any employee benefits package, and health insurance is a key part of this.

Some companies face a dilemma: they want to keep workers safe and productive, but a limited benefits budget means they are unable to provide cover for ill health. For these employers, the best solution may be to partner with an insurer who can provide workers with easy access to cost-effective, individual policies. Employees also value the chance to safeguard themselves from the impact of ill health on their earnings.

Helping employees protect the life they love

Post-COVID-19, employees are increasingly aware that insurance they purchased for a rainy day could in fact be needed any day. Personal Group's plans ensure they and their families have some financial support if they need to take time out of work to attend a hospital appointment, receive treatment, recover after a hospital stay, or even if the worst happens and they pass away. 

We provide your employees with access to affordable, individual policies including our hospital plan, convalescence plan and death benefit plan.

It's peace of mind should the unexpected happen - and at no cost to you, the employer.

Learn more about workforce resilience or contact us to speak to an employee benefits expert.

* (13 Jan 2022)
** (10 Jan 2022)


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