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Samworth Brothers

Samworth Brothers embrace face-to-face

Samworth Brothers wanted every member of the workforce to understand how Hapi worked. Our Employee Engagement Executives were there to demonstrate just how great their benefits were.


There are over 8,000 Samworth Brothers staff spread across 40 sites. As a result, it is hard to deliver a message that sticks with every single person, especially as many members of staff don’t drive a desk, hence don't have access to a computer, and different sized sites means that it is hard to relay a consistent message to everyone in the business. Samworth Brothers really value their staff and realised that posters and emails just weren’t having the impact they required. They wanted to reward and retain their teams with a fantastic benefits programme, so we worked with them to build Quality Life, powered by Hapi.


During the launch of the Quality Life platform, Samworth Brothers were pleased with its ease of use, but it was imperative that staff understood how to access and use the system. As part of Personal Group's Hapi roll-out process, our team of Employee Engagement Executives visited every Samworth Brothers location, to meet with staff to talk them through Hapi and how to use it. With over 40 locations, and staff working different shifts, the Employee Engagement Executives managed to meet with 6,000+ employees across the first three months, and as a result, 3412 members of staff were activated on Quality Life during this period, with staff saving a total of £33,856 since the programme launched.


Personal Group is continuing to work with Samworth Brothers to make sure that their staff stay engaged. Following the successful launch, Samworth Brothers are now introducing “Site Champions” who are going to be in charge of the employee benefits promotions at each of their own sites, and help staff get set up on the Quality Life app, meaning they will be able to access their benefits whereever they are based, whatever shift they are working.


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